What To Look For In A Good Career Coach

12 Apr by John Lamphiere

What To Look For In A Good Career Coach

The average Irish worker stays in the workforce for about 37 years. That’s a large portion of your life to spend in an unfulfilling career. 

Almost everyone wishes they could improve their careers in some way, either by changing career pathsadvancing careers, finding more work-life balance, or leaving the corporate world altogether and starting a business. But for many, these remain just a dream. It is an achievable dream, though. You can make a significant change in your career if you have someone to guide you and show you the way. That’s where a career coach can have a profound impact.

In this article, we will look at five key attributes of a great career coach.

Is Working With a Career Coach Worth The Investment?

Career coaching is a massive investment. You’ll not only be investing your time and energy but also money. So you need to know whether you’ll be getting value for your money. According to the International Society for Performance Improvement, career coaching has a 221 per cent return on investment. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) study also revealed that 99% of companies and individuals who hired career coaches were satisfied by the results. 

Career coaching can help you to:

Find the right career fit after graduation. 

Develop effective job search strategies 

Transition to a new career 

Advance your career 

Reenter the workforce after staying away for an extended period of time 

Achieve better work-life balance

Quit the corporate world and start your own business

Learn more about yourself, your transferable skills, strengths, weaknesses, and how to articulate this information to your advantage

Qualities of a Good Career Coach

If working with a career coach is on your to-do list this year, you should get one who will help you realize your true potential. Here are some key attributes you should look for in a career coach:

1. Self-awareness

To be able to realize your full potential, you need self-awareness. A good career coach should be self-aware and understand how their actions and personality impact their clients and other people around them. You can’t be taught self-awareness by someone who isn’t already practising it in their personal and professional lives.

2. Excellent communication skills

You need a great listener who can make sense and develop insights from half-formed ideas and poorly expressed concepts. Hiring the most intelligent career coach won’t help you if they cannot communicate effectively. Effective communication isn’t just about their ability to talk to you, but also their ability to listen to you.

3. Emotional intelligence

Your emotions affect your decision-making more than you may realize. An effective career coach should be able to tell when emotional elements are coming into play during the coaching session and adjust their approach accordingly.

4. Lifelong learning

A career coach should effectively guide you through a learning process and help you to carve out your own path. If your career coach can’t demonstrate ongoing growth and development in their own lives, how will they help you with yours? 

5. Respect

This is perhaps the most important quality you should look out for. As a learner, you need to be treated with mutual respect and empathy. You also need to know that you can confide in your career coach about your weaknesses without fear of judgement. 

Unlock Your Potential with Top-Notch Career Coaching

Career coaches should also be flexible and realistic about what’s achievable besides having your best interest at heart. Choosing a career coach is a personal decision that can change your life and help you accomplish things you’ve long dreamed of. It is a worthy investment. Get started with Skope Consulting career coaching today.

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