Whether you are a business owner, CEO, or senior executive, John at Skope has the practical experience and real-life perspective to help you grow. I can coach and mentor you on every element of hiring, leadership, building and scaling your business and defining and building a winning culture.

I offer tailored business consulting and advisory services in business strategy development and execution, people, culture and operations.

No matter the size or the scale of your business we are highly skilled and experienced both locally and internationally at developing pragmatic and scalable improvement opportunities that are designed to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

Services Offered

Strategy and planning 

Clearly Identify business goals and develop strategies to realise the opportunity.


Recruitment and development of your people to be truly capable of leading change and unearth the hidden individual talent and organizational potential, together resulting in a more innovative and adaptive culture


Coaching to grow as a leader to allow you to scale and develop as a leader to fully realise your potential.

Operational and process assessment and enhancement strategies.

Globalisation strategy and planning.

Transformation and change management.

Setting up and managing your own business.

John has 20 years of experience leading diverse global technology companies, is a member and chairman of many boards, a former member of the Technology Ireland (IBEC) board of directors and an investor in many startups. Leveraging this experience John’s business growth programs can be an enormous benefit to your business.

Personal profiling

A key part of our undergraduate program is to carry out a personal Psychometric assessment which provides you with an individual profile to build self-awareness around your interests, behaviours, what motivates you and what defines who you are. You’re individual profile and comprehensive report will be a valuable tool that will be a pivotal part of your lifelong career.

Specific areas outlined in your individual report and profile

  • Intrest areas – what you like and types of activities that appeal to you.
  • Strengths – The positive behaviours that you demonstrate to others.
  • Natural talents and abilities – will identify potential career choices that will allow you to excel.
  • Think style and problem – solving. How you approach work, define solutions and the value you bring to an organisation.
  • Motivational needs – The environment and style that is best suited to bring out the best in you.
  • Stress behaviour – How you appear to others when your needs are not been met
  • Ideal working environment – This identifies the environment that will bring out the best within you

At Skope, we use the Birkman for our individual Psychometric assessment, a key part of the career planning process. The Birkman method is backed up by 70 years of scientific research. The Birkman Method has the most advanced algorithm which ensures the most accurate and valuable insights and conclusions. Career typing is a methodology that allows us to create informed, science-backed action plans for the best careers for your unique personality