‘ Thank you, Ross said your input had made a huge difference in his life ‘

My son was an extremely good all-rounder in his final years of school but had little idea of future career paths or what college courses to pursue. Working with John, who was able to identify his personality type and the environment in which he would thrive gave him invaluable insights into the different options that exist and the reality of what it would be like to work in each sector. John empowered Ross to make an informed decision about the direction he wanted his career to go in and gave him a focus through school and into college
Ross is now in their third year of college studying Business management where he is thriving and is now planning his entry into the workforce.

‘ John is a tireless advocate for you to pursue your dreams and take action! ‘

I took time off from work to be a stay-at-home mom, but always knew I wanted to go back when the time was right for us. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do! I couldn’t see myself going back to the jobs I had before. I spent years imagining different possibilities and talking myself out of each one.
With the clock ticking, I knew I needed some help getting unstuck. John helped me stop thinking and start trying things—even if I wasn’t 100% sure it would be the “right” move. He also gave me confidence by preparing me through the entire application process. I’m now in a role where I am fulfilled and cater for my work-life balance.

During a transitional period in my career I worked with John on a weekly basis, The exercises we did together was invaluable in drawing out and crystallising the priorities and trade-offs that I was comfortable with when considering new employment opportunities.
John’s coaching gave me insight into my values, an ability to articulate them and seek them out in my next employer, as well as being clear on the career path that I was looking to achieve.