After many years of “college life” with continuous lectures, assignments and projects drawing to a close, and entry into the world of work and multiple recruitment processes looming as a gateway to your first real-life job and stepping stone into your career!

I am often asked “What job can I do with my degree and did I choose the right path”

At Skope for graduates, we will provide you with everything you need to find your ideal job and build your desired future.

What is so often underestimated is the match between what you are learning (be it in further education or college) and your interests, ability and career aspirations. Aligning a course with these factors plays a major role in your overall satisfaction and success. And its not as easy as it sounds.

Working with you to really understand what motivates and interests you (and what doesn’t). Building upon your strengths, skills and helping you to understand what you want your life to look like, we’ll build a clear pathway to achieve your ideal role (even if you don’t know what that is yet).

Who this is for

This service is for students and graduates who are making a choice about their first step into the job market.

  • Unsure of a career path having completed a degree or having completed study in a certain area wish to transition to building a career in a different area.
  • Need direction on entering the workplace in a chosen sector.
  • Gaining clarity on career options, expectations and potential opportunities across different sectors.
  • Becoming more self-aware, building confidence and identifying career interests
  • Identifying suitable employment environments and identifying suitable employer culture matches.
  • Develop your resources and skills to enable you to market yourself. Understanding jobs adverts environment and job specifications
    • Creating an impactful CV & Cover Letter
    • Job search strategies and network building
    • Interview Preparation
    • Mock Interviews
    • Identifying and positioning your value
    • Contract negotiations

How Skope works with you.

The objective of our work together may not be to define the need for a job V’s develop a career journey aimed at enabling you to start on the right career path. We will also provide you with all the skills necessary to enable you to make future career decisions. This will allow you to capitalise on all the opportunities along the way

  • Discover your talents and strengths, Our career assessment process looks at the intersection of behavioural traits, thinking styles, and interests, to find your best career path
  • Review your chosen college course, areas of strengths and interests. Build on the areas of strengths and interests to identify specific industries or segments of a chosen industry to build a career plan around.
  • Explore the changing career environment, specific roles within the jobs market, role expectations, salary expectations and pathways to entry.
  • Developing and implementing a practical action plan. Installing confidence and motivation and defining your value to employers.
  • Job seeking and career-building skills.

Personal profiling

A key part of our undergraduate program is to carry out a personal Psychometric assessment which provides you with an individual profile to build self-awareness around your interests, behaviours, what motivates you and what defines who you are. You’re individual profile and comprehensive report will be a valuable tool that will be a pivotal part of your lifelong career.

Specific areas outlined in your individual report and profile

  • Intrest areas – what you like and types of activities that appeal to you.
  • Strengths – The positive behaviours that you demonstrate to others.
  • Natural talents and abilities – will identify potential career choices that will allow you to excel.
  • Think style and problem – solving. How you approach work, define solutions and the value you bring to an organisation.
  • Motivational needs – The environment and style that is best suited to bring out the best in you.
  • Stress behaviour – How you appear to others when your needs are not been met
  • Ideal working environment – This identifies the environment that will bring out the best within you

At Skope, we use the Birkman for our individual Psychometric assessment, a key part of the career planning process. The Birkman method is backed up by 70 years of scientific research. The Birkman Method has the most advanced algorithm which ensures the most accurate and valuable insights and conclusions. Career typing is a methodology that allows us to create informed, science-backed action plans for the best careers for your unique personality