At Skope we empower hi- performing individuals & teams own their own careers with confidence, lead with compassion and grow with confidence. No matter if you feel you are stuck in a rut, disillusioned with your direction or struggling with work life balance or wish you had the courage to make the career move you always dreamed about, irrespective of the reason that brought you here we have you covered.
I draw on 35 years of experience that spans international managing director of some of the world’s largest technology and recruitment companies. This gives me a unique vantage point to develop career plans that are unique to the individual.

This unique expertise gives us extortionary insights across all aspects of employment and career development. This makes us well placed to not just help you get a job but to mentor and coach you on how to become the best version of yourself in any industry or job function.

We also provide a unique Birkman signature personality report. This is a key step in the career planning process and allows you to match interests, skills and needs with career paths.

Highlights of the Signature report include:

  • Can be used to coach individuals through each stage of the employee journey
  • Covers insights such as strengths and blind spots
  • Measure interests, behaviours, and motivation
  • Data on nine different behavioural Components
  • Can be used in any area of your organization to empower performance