Imagine your dream job. Do you know where to find it? Adult career guidance is the answer. Skope offers friendly and confidential service for adults looking into their next step towards fulfilment in an exciting new position or trying out different fields without fear of failure! We provide honest opinions backed up by years of expertise so that our clients can make informed decisions about what will be best suited at this stage.

Those who fall into the following categories can seek assistance from us:

  • You want a career promotion?
  • You're unhappy with your current job and
  • want to change it?
  • You're unemployed and considering returning?
  • You're considering full-time or part-time education?
  • We aim to help you find a career that would make you happy and fulfilled.
  • Take charge of your life by scheduling a session with me.
  • Specify what you desire.
  • Learn what motivates you to live a happy life.
  • Identify the improvements you desire and break them down into manageable steps